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June 10, 2009


Dean Vipond

It's funny - yes, Apple have some of the most passionate zealots this side of a Star Trek convention, and I do wonder sometimes if this can maybe damage brand perception in the eyes of the yet-to-be converted. Listening to someone prattle on endlessly about how wonderful a tech product is can be annoying to the most forgiving of us. I've used Macs since the mid-90s, but I'll never immediately claim Apple's output is automatically amazing, unless it actually has something of worth to offer.

Personally I'm annoyed at their apparent homogenisation of their product line, at the expense of customer choice (no matte screens on their laptops, for example, which is quite ridiculous). It suggests a kind of arrogance I never associated with the brand, back when they were more of an underdog.

Pride comes before a fall (Sony's astounding arrogance when they were launching the Playstation 3 will go down in history), and I hope Apple bear this in mind as they march onwards.

Jon Moss

Dean, great insight, and have to agree. I had a shocking experience with the new MBP, and went through 6 before giving up (quality issues right out the box - went through 3 in the Apple Store).

They do need to watch their step, and yes, focus on new revenue and innovation, but don't forget the real fans, the people who have contributed to their success pre-iPhone.

Anyway, how much is that block of wood, and does it come in white?!

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